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Plumbing Tips to Avoid Being an “April Fool”

Did you end up playing the fool on April Fools' Day? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. With some planning, you can at least avoid being a fool when it comes to saving money this spring.

With the rainy weather upon us, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re avoiding unnecessary plumbing service expenses this season. Read on for some great money-saving tips.

Reap Long-term Savings Collecting Rainwater

rainwaterHave you heard of rainwater harvesting? This is the practice of collecting and storing rainwater that you can later use around your home. Many people think rainwater harvesting is no longer practiced in the modern world except in places where plumbing infrastructure isn’t available.

But it’s actually becoming increasingly popular – even in urban areas! Collecting rainwater can be a great way to reduce your water usage from your taps and save on your water bill. It also reduces the risk of your sewage system becoming overwhelmed, which can lead to flooding.

You’ll need to install a rainwater collection system, which varies from very simple to very complex. You should contact a professional for assistance navigating local plumbing codes and installation. If you’re serious about saving big, rainwater harvesting could be the key – and it’s environmentally friendly, too!

Plumbing Maintenance Helps Avoid Emergencies

plumbingmaintenanceOne of the biggest ways to save money this spring is to identify any problems with your plumbing system before you have an emergency. This time of the year, heavy rains can cause shifts in soil and put pressure on your underground pipes. This pressure can result in devastating and expensive damage such as slab leaks or other broken pipes.

Slab leaks occur when pipes break under the foundation of your home. This can crack or even collapse the foundation, invite mold and other pests, and ruin the floors and other areas of your home. These problems are expensive to repair and can be avoided by ongoing plumbing maintenance.

Get a plumbing system checkup before the heavy rains arrive to make sure your pipes are strong. A professional can identify potential problems and remedy them for a fraction of the cost of a plumbing emergency repair. So don’t be a fool – with routine plumbing maintenance, you can end up saving a lot of money.

Save Even More Money with Shamrock Plumbing

savemoneyIf you want to save even more, Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, Inc. can help! We’re a full-service plumbing company providing quick, affordable plumbing services. We’ve made thousands of customers happy.

Our expert technicians can save you a lot of time and stress by making sure your system is in good shape this spring – before you have an expensive emergency on your hands.

If you find yourself already battling plumbing problems, don’t worry – we can help you solve them at reasonable rates. We understand that sometimes things happen at unfortunate times, so we don’t charge night or weekend charges. Call us at (407) 292-8881 or visit online to schedule an appointment or learn more about our award-winning services.

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