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Plumbing has been around for thousands of years. The Greeks, Chinese and Romans used public showering and bath houses and quickly discovered they needed a way to move the dirty water to another location. The first pipes used by the Romans were made from lead with inscriptions on them that kept thieves from stealing precious water. The progression of plumbing came very slowly, but as a lot of people began to get sick and die from stagnate and filthy water, public health official sought a different way to transport it. Most plumbing of today leads to treatment plants that get rid of the waste products within water.

Plumbing has many benefits that we take for granted everyday. For one, it is a system of fluid transportation (both to the home and away from it). It also installs insulation that can help keep cool or hot air in and do the opposite as well. It even can warm your water up and help you regulate the pressure of shower heads and faucets. When most people think of plumbing they just think of pipes, but plumbing also involves the fixtures that come with it. Showers, sinks, and water heaters are all apart of the plumbing system, without them you would not have access to the water in pipes.

Plumbing follows some basic rules of nature including: water seeking its own level, pressure stabilization, and gravity. When water comes into your home it goes through certain checks that regulate the amount and pressure of water coming into the house. If the pressure is too high the stress (over time) can cause damage to the pipes causing them to burst. When a pipe bursts it can ruin the furniture in your home and be a very costly fix.

Plumbing keeps getting better and better! If you have any problems with your modern plumbing or any questions, give your local plumber in Orlando a call! Shamrock Plumbing is your plumbing specialist---call us today at 407-292-8881!

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