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The Latest Toilet Technologies

Heated Seats

In the world today, heated seats are considered a great luxury, no matter where the heated seat may be located. There are loungers for a living room with heated seats, heated seats are in cars, and now, there are toilets that also have heated seats as well.

Orlando, FL Toilet-TechnologiesThe toilets will heat the seats through the use of a ceramic heater, which can be controlled via a button or remote control.

Heated seats are great for toilets that are located in an area where it may be cold a lot of the times, so having the seat heated is very helpful.

Remote Control

It’s hard to believe that toilets these days can have remote controls, but some of the newer toilets will have remote controls to control everything on the toilet.

The washing mechanism, the drying mechanism, heated seats, water pressure and more can all be controlled with the remote control.

It’s possible for the remote control to the handheld, or some toilets will have the controls on the side of the toilet, so the controls can easily be reached. Other toilets may have controls that sit on the wall near the toilet.

Washing Capabilities

It’s great to have a toilet in your Orlando home with the capability of washing because it means that the person can simply wash their posterior after using the bathroom, which means they may not even need toilet paper.

Some toilets have washing capabilities for the back as well as the front of the person whose on the toilet, and warm water is used when washing the person. The warm water may have a tank of its own, and other toilets may create warm water on demand, so the warm water can’t run out.

Drying Capabilities

After washing one’s self through the toilet, drying will be necessary, but there’s not always a towel in reach, so certain toilets have the capability to dry the person sitting on it by using a ceramic heater that will blow warm air on the person sitting on the toilet.

Massaging Seat

While sitting on the toilet in your Orlando home, there may be some discomfort, so having a massaging toilet seat can be very beneficial. The massaging toilet seat will vibrate, which can greatly help those who may have pain after sitting down for only a few minutes on the toilet.

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