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Learn How To Spot The Most Common Water Leaks

The most common type of leaks that homeowners encounter are ones that can easily be seen and heard because they come from a tap. In these instances, a wrench, some replacement parts, and a few minutes of effort are all it takes to solve the problem.

But then there are leaks that occur at the pipes themselves, whether they are water pipes or drainage pipes. You need more thorough water leak detection to track these down, and you also need to be more careful; while a leak may not be a big deal now, it’s a symptom of a larger threat. So how do you spot these leaks?

Check Old Pipes

older pipesSome homes can be a mix of different plumbing from different ages. If you’ve had a major renovation done to an old home, you might have new water pipes running up to the bathroom since you changed the tub and/or added a shower stall.

But a lot of people, as long as they’re working properly, aren’t going to look at the drainage pipes.

However, if your home still has original, cast iron drainage pipes from when it was constructed, those pipes have been working for 50, 80, or maybe even 100 years or more!

Metal fatigue is a definite concern for pipes over 50 years of age, so get your drainage pipes checked to see if their still part of the original home construction.


corrosion rustYou should also be looking at the condition of your pipes for discoloration, which is a sign of either rust or corrosion.

This is a process of chemical interactions, where contact with moisture from either vapor or humidity and the presence of oxygen cause a substance to oxidize. For metal, this results in rust, which can also weaken the structure.

For plastic, this may be corrosion due to dissolving. Even if rust isn’t an issue for modern PVC pipes, the overuse of drain cleaning products can corrode the pipes. Drain cleaners are essential acids that you are pouring down your sink. Too much of this can actually dissolve the pipe, so don’t overdo it with the frequency or amount of drain cleaner you use.

Check Your Water Pressure

water pressureIf you’re the type of person that loves high pressure in their showers, and you’ve already taken the step of raising the water pressure in your home, this might be a problem.

Water pipes have certain tolerance levels for water pressure, and if you go beyond those, you’re applying a lot of force to these pipes, without a break, every day, all day.

That can eventually cause these pipes to fracture and leak. You can avoid this by dropping the water pressure back to recommended levels. Instead, buy a pressurized shower head that gives you the water pressure you want only at the specific fixture.

Monitor You Water Quality

Water QualityNot all water is alike. Different cities and towns will have access to different water sources.

So high pH levels or high mineral content can have an effect on your pipes. High pH is like low-level acid, which, over the years, can eventually damage your pipes and cause leaks.

If you find you need water leak repair in Orlando, FL, try to address it quickly. A leak is a small, relatively containable issue. If you neglect it, however, it could lead to much bigger, more expensive problems.

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