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Top Job Tips to Become a Better Plumber

Are you interested in a plumbing job? Plumbing professionals are always on demand. Unlike other industries, home services cannot be outsourced; therefore offering you a safe, challenging and competitive career.

However, like any career, without the proper skills - both technical and customer related - you’ll struggle to find a successful and rewarding experience. What is it like to work in the industry? Here are some helpful tips from industry experts for you to consider.

Always Maintain Top Customer Service Skills

“costumerservice”As with any job in the service industry, excellent customer service is of the utmost importance.

With a plumbing job, your success depends on your reputation, networking, and good word-of-mouth.

So, how do you make sure you earn and maintain a great reputation? By going above and beyond when it comes to serving your customers.

Of course, this can be challenging. Often, when a customer calls a plumber, he or she is in distress. A toilet has overflowed, a pipe has burst, a sink has backed up, etc. Staying calm, cool and collected while you work to fix the problem is key.

Make sure you understand your customer’s expectations and are upfront and honest with them. Communication is critical, whether you are providing an estimate or discussing a remodeling project.

Remember, customers do business with the people they like. If you treat your customers well, they will be grateful. A good recommendation goes a long way in this industry, and a bad review, unfortunately, goes even further.

The Right Protective Gear is Essential

Plumbing jobs can sometimes involve working with hazardous materials. Double and triple check to make sure you have the proper protective gear you need before showing up at a job site. Remember, you may encounter asbestos, mold, lead, raw sewage and other biohazards.

Make sure you always have the following items with you before entering a job site:

  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles/eye protection
  • Mask
  • Hard hat
  • Work boots, non-skid
  • Knee pads
  • Back support
  • Your best bet is always to have all the gear on hand because you never know what plumbing issues you may be faced with.

    Learn The Tools of The Trade on The Job

    “string”Plumbing jobs mean constantly learning new skills. Even master plumbers are constantly picking up new tips and tricks.

    If you are interested in pursuing a career in the plumbing field, you need good manual dexterity and a great work ethic.

    Plumbing jobs include learning how to perform various specialized tasks as efficiently as possible, and along the way, you’ll learn plenty of cool tricks that make your job easier. A good example is learning how to cut a PVC pipe with only a string. This is perfect for tight quarters and will make your job a breeze.

    Additionally, every plumbers' best friend is lock-tight tape and silicone. Both can be used to seal up connections and are a great way to prevent water leaks after you get a job done - since the last thing you want us an unhappy customer calling you about the work you’ve done in their home.

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