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10 Ways To Upgrade The Look And Feel Of Your Bathroom


Orlando PlumberHas your bathroom been feeling a little bit too old for your tastes lately? Try these ten simple ideas to give your most personal space a quick turnaround.

Aesthetics: It’s all about the Looks


If your bathrooms is under lit by having one bulb alone, have a few side lights or ceiling lights installed. If you have plain white light bulbs, have them replaced with traditional bulbs that will cast a golden glow in your bathroom.


Have your painter splash a fresh coat of paint over your walls, something bright and cheerful like yellow, orange or lime green.


Swap your worn tiles for new set. You can choose between smooth glossy pieces that will reflect the light or textured tiles that reduce slipperiness when wet.

Functionality: Get more from your Bathroom

Shower screens

Shower screens will immediately make your bathroom look sophisticated and prevent water from getting to every crevice in your bathroom.

Vanity Sets

Keep your bathroom from looking messy by having a chic vanity table installed. It can host your towels inside the shelves and bathing products on top. It will also hold one or two sinks for your hand and face washing.

Hand Held Showerheads

Have your plumber install hand held shower heads from your existing shower setup. This will completely change the way you get clean and make your time in the shower more interesting.

Ambience: Make Your Space Feel just as Soothing as it Looks

Soft Music

Tired of hearing your own tunes in the bathrooms? Have a bathroom speaker installed from your music system and enjoy relaxing tunes as you get clean.

Add a Window

Have your builder carve out some space from your wall and get yourself a new bathroom window. It will add beautiful natural light and plenty of fresh air into your Orlando Bathroom Remodelingbathroom.

Light Dimmers

Nothing goes better with a long soak than soft light. Get a light dimmer installed for the perfect setting when you need to relax.


Is your bathroom feeling too serious? Complete the picture by adding one or two flower pots. These will add a bit of color and wafts of sweet scented air into your bathroom.

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