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10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Sometimes we take our bathrooms for granted. When we think about how to make our home feel like a home, no one wants to start in the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling, for many, can seem like an irrelevant hassle, or just something to put off until more important renovations can be done. However, there are several reasons you might want to bump bathroom remodeling up on the to-do list.

 Orlando, FL bathroom remodeling1. Make Your Bathroom More Safe

The first and most obvious reason is safety. If you have slippery tiles, broken door handles that may cause injury, or anything else that might mean a safety issue, start thinking about remodeling. Often problems of this magnitude mean that there are other problems with your bathroom, which will start to add up over time. Rather than dealing with them as they come, it may be better to go for the root of the problem and just remodel.

2. Frequent Plumbing Problems

On a similar note, if you are having frequent plumbing problems, it might be a good idea to invest in a new plumbing system for your Orlando home. Plumbing problems are a nuisance, and if you are dealing with them non-stop, it might be easier and cheaper to get a new start.

3. Mold Build Up

Given the amount of water we use in our bathrooms, leakage and humidity can cause molding. Mold, in addition to looking terrible and requiring constant and intense cleaning, can seep into the walls and cause or magnify several health problems. A serious mold infestation can take days and professional help to be cleaned, and even after cleaning, the issue causing the mold to crop up in the first place may still be present, leading to new mold infestations.

4. Water Damage

Even if you’ve avoided mold, you might have a great deal of water damage in your bathroom. Water damage can stain walls, damage paint, loosen tiles and more. If you’ve been having regular leakage, water damage may even weaken the structural integrity of certain parts of your house. This can be a very serious issue that requires remodeling to fix.

5. Various Aesthetic Problems

Even if your bathroom is working properly, certain problems will crop up that may not affect the usage of your bathroom, but simply make it look bad.

For example, broken tiles, scratches in paint or on the floor, dents in walls, etc. These problems aren’t particularly serious, but they can stick out like a sore thumb. You may be surprised just how nice it will feel to see them fixed. Even bad lighting can be a problem in the bathroom, whether you’d like to read the paper in the bathroom or just see properly while shaving.

6. A Chance to Expand Your Space

You use your bathroom several times a day. If it’s cramped, it will get on your nerves. Consulting with a professional in the Orlando region may be a good idea, as they might have a good idea how to add space, rearrange your bathroom to gain a little space or how to get rid of that claustrophobic feel.

7. Utility and Function

It’s unlikely that whoever built your house had the same situation as you, and so they might not have considered what you need from a bathroom. A bathroom should be tailored to what you use it for.

Perhaps you have children and would like to child-proof your bathroom or add some fun patterns on the walls for bath time. Maybe you prefer a standing shower to a tub or vice-versa.

Put a little thought into what you need from your bathroom and whether it is currently available in your home's bathroom.

 Orlando, FL bathroom remodeling 28. Increase Your Home's Value

According to the Wall Street Journal, the most lucrative home improvement project you can do is bathroom remodeling. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future and you are looking at renovations that are worth your time and money, start in the bathroom. A good remodeling will get you your money’s worth.

9. Change Up the Look

When all is said and done, maybe there is no problem with your bathroom and you have nothing specific to gain from remodeling. Maybe you just don’t like the way it looks or are ready for a new look. This is as good a reason as any to remodel.

Whether you are tired of the color, the height of the toilet, the shape of the mirror, or whatever else, a remodeling might give you the chance to change a little part of your home that you use often into something that feels right for you.

10. Remodeling is a lot of fun.

Though it may seem like a drag, bathroom remodeling can be fun. Taking any part of your house and putting thought into how you want it to look and what you want from it has a special feeling to it. It can be a personal project or a fun family project. Even when working with a professional, you’ll get to see your own touches and preferences in your home, and that feeling is irreplaceable.

If you feel you could use remodeling in Orlando, FL, you can find a professional who can make that a reality with Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, Inc. at (407) 734-0870.

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