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We perform speedy and effective water heater or boiler repairs and maintenance. Call us today at (407) 292-8881!Water heater maintenance is absolutely essential to wise money-spending in residential plumbing. Water heaters are one of the most heavily used, and expensive, a component to a home’s plumbing system. If your water heater is older or if your system seems to be experiencing problems, perhaps a more regular maintenance schedule with a certified plumber in your area is in order. If you don’t prioritize the maintenance of your water heater, you stand to lose a lot of money in repairs because these systems are both intricate and powerful. A malfunction can have serious consequences for both your electrical bill and your plumbing system. Here are some quick ways you can increase your heater’s longevity in an effort to be a proactive homeowner:

1. Always keep it at the right temperature:
Check your water heater settings in the back or front. You should have a temperature dial behind the water heater panel. Use the dial to turn the temperature down to 115 to 120 degrees. Keep it at this setting and check often. If it goes up, overheating may occur and the machine will reduce the energy it uses to heat water, meaning you'll have cold water by the time you really need it.

2. Check the temperature and pressure relief valve:
Go to your water heater and lift the lever about half way. Then, let go and allow for it to snap back into position. As you do this, you should here a gurgling sound as more water is being released into the drain tube. If you don't hear anything, that is a sign that the valve needs to be replaced.

3. Do routine mini flushes:
It's very crucial to remove any dust or sediments from the bottom of the tank to prevent from rust and improve the efficiency of the water heater. In order to do a full cleanse and flush, you must turn off the water heater. Place a bucket under the drain valve. Turn the valve handle counter clockwise in order to release a few gallons of water. Close the valve and then drain the bucket. In doing this, you'll have a cleaner, safer water heater!

These are some important steps you can take in an effort to keep your home’s water heater in working order. Water heaters may still come up with problems if you are preforming regular maintenance. The more complex internal components are vital to the device’s operation. You have no real way of knowing if something is on the verge of breaking without specialized tools and experience. This is wy a trusted local plumber is essential. Keep your home’s heater in working order by having a certified pro come in for annual maintenance. You will save heavily in the long run.

Your water heater maintenance in Orlando, FL is best left in the hands of Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, Inc. Our service is unmatched and we have a desire to provide top-level service to our customers. We perform speedy and effective water heater or boiler repairs and maintenance. Call us today at (407) 292-8881!

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