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How to Make Your Shower Automatic With Just a Few Easy Steps!

If you step into any electronics store, you will quickly notice that there are numerous products lining the shelves that are labeled as ‘smart.’ You might see a smart TV, refrigerator, light fixtures, or thermostats.

Or after seeing the sheer number of products, you might turn the other way and find something else to look at. I wouldn’t blame you. Finding compatible smart products shouldn’t be difficult, but for whatever reason--it is!

You have to make sure that they work with each other, your phone, your bathroom plumbing, your wi-fi, and the dog. Well, maybe not the dog--but you get the idea. The point is that if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for finding smart products can be a nightmare!

Living in a ‘Smart Home’

smarthomeYou might wonder what it would be like to live in a ‘smart house.’ Questions of whether or not the home would learn your behavior and adjust, or if you’d have your favorite meal every night may cross your mind. Before we answer those, let’s explain what a ‘smart home’ is.

Smart houses can be any home that has been upgraded with appliances that learn behavior and possibly help with day to day life. So, to answer that first question of adjusting to your behavior, yes, a smart house would do so. It might turn on lights just before you came home from work as to not waste energy, or raise the temperature of your AC to keep your electric bill down.

Smart televisions also learn the types of shows that you tend to watch so they can recommend other features that you might find interesting. Unfortunately, unless you have your own version of Rosie the Robot, you are probably not going to come home to your favorite meal already prepared. One room that many people don’t realize can be made into a ‘smart room’ is their bathroom! How crazy would it be to have your shower automatically turn to the right temperature before your feet even hit the floor in the morning!?

Digital Showers & Their Benefits

prosconsDigital showers are not a space-age phenomenon! These showers can be programmed to each user’s liking, both in temperature and water pressure.

Not only can the temperature be set per person, but it can also be set to change over the course of their shower.

This means that if your honey tends to take long showers in the morning, making them late for work, the shower can cool off as it nears the scheduled ending time. Although these showers have some great benefits, they do tend to be rather expensive.

Depending on which features you would like in your shower, your expense may increase or decrease and the same goes for the chosen brand. These showers can also be costly to install, but when you choose a local professional, we can typically offer the best deal and workmanship.

Don’t Forget The Showerhead

showerheadIf you’d rather not spend a mint upgrading your shower to a digital one, we understand. However, you can still choose a newer-model showerhead!

There are so many available options including ones that feel like rainfall, chromatherapy models, heads that have their own water purification systems, and you even have the ability to install body jets.

Body jets make that all-around clean feeling possible--you know--the one you get at a high-end hotel!

Call Shamrock Plumbing For Help With Installation!

Whether you are choosing to install a digital shower or simply want to upgrade your showerhead, don’t attempt to do it alone. Call Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, Inc. instead!

We have all of the experience and knowledge that you could need and are happy to share it with you. If you learned a thing or two about smart products, take a minute to share this article with your friends and family!

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