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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Orlando Drain CleaningA common plumbing issue that occurs in every household is a slow flowing or clogged drain. In the hope of saving some money a lot of people will attempt to fix a blocked drain using one of the many commercial drain cleaning products. These may seem like a quick and inexpensive fix but in the majority of cases they don’t fix the problem or only fix it for a very short time before the drain becomes clogged up again. The chemicals used in these products are extremely hazardous and have a high toxicity posing a risk to both your family and the environment.

There are numerous factors that can contribute to a drain becoming clogged or blocked. It could be material that has gone down the drain, corroded pipes or a tree root that pushed its way into the pipe. Not every drain cleaner will clear every type of issue and there is no way for you tell what you are dealing with. As well as dissolving the clog these chemicals can also dissolve the inside of your pipes eventually creating a much more expensive plumbing problem. This a problem especially if it is a really bad clog and the solution sits in your pipes for a prolonged period of time. The corrosive effect of the chemicals could lead to bad leaks making it necessary to replace the pipes. At the same time the chemicals can leak out causing environmental damage.

Your sink surface can also end up damaged by these harsh chemicals and there is a chance of them splattering and causing damage to your kitchen or bathroom or your clothes or skin. Since they rarely tackle the root of the problem you will have to constantly buy drain cleaning solutions in the long run forking out more money than you would if you had hired a plumber to permanently fix the issue.

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