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Getting your drain pipes professionally cleaned on a regular basis can benefit you greatly. The majority of people don't realize the dangers that clogged drains pose. Clogged drain pipes not only threaten your home, but also your health!

Drain Cleaning OrlandoOne of the largest risks of having clogged pipes is often overlooked. Sewer gases, such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide are flushed away when they are in an unclogged pipe. Any significant blockage in your drain can allow these gases to re-enter your home. It is potentially fatal. If enough gas builds up in your home, it can cause you to suffocate or become poisoned in extreme cases. If a very substantial amount of gas is present, a spark or open flame may ignite the fumes. Needless to say, this can destroy your home and possibly cause bodily harm to you!

Investing in drain cleaning may prevent two other potential health hazards that often go hand in hand: overflow and mold. When the water in a pipe has no where to go, it returns from whence it came. This is primarily a health risk when the toilet is involved. Overflow may contain fecal matter that harbors dangerous bacteria. Yet the bathroom isn't the only place an overflow can occur. Odds are, if water overflows back into your home, mold will soon follow. Even if the infected area is extensively cleaned, mold spores may still remain. Mold causes respiratory problems in most people, and can be extremely serious in those with a preexisting respiratory condition such as asthma.

Regularly getting your drains cleaned should be a priority. With the possible health effects that overflow, mold, and sewer gas can cause, it may not be wise to let the problem go untreated. Everyone knows that clogged pipes can damage your home! Investing in regular drain cleaning will protect your family's health as well as put your mind at ease.

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