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Fight Back Against Hard Water

Water SoftenerWhen a client asks, “How does a water softener work?” the answer seems complicated at first, but once understood you may be searching for a reliable Orlando plumber to install one at your home, if this is the case Shamrock Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is here to help. In some areas, the groundwater that flows into your home has a large amount of dissolved minerals, this is known as hard water. Hard water deposits minerals like calcium and magnesium throughout a home’s water supply. The scale and lime buildup from hard water clogs pipes, drains, and leaves mineral stains on sinks and home exteriors. The buildup in the pipes will eventually restrict water flow and, consequently, lower a home’s water pressure.

Hard water does not  allow soaps and greases to dissolve properly, this not only clogs drains, but it does not allow soap to be completely rinsed from skin and fabric, causing residue and an overall slime feel to shower and bath water. To preserve water pressure, prevent fixture damage, and allow clothes and skin to be rinsed properly, a water softener should be installed. After the water is softened, cleaning dishes and clothing will become easier,  lime and scale buildup will be significantly reduced, and taking showers will be far more clean and pleasant. Approximately seventy-five percent of soap use will be reduced after the installation of a water softener, and the life of water using appliances, linen, and clothing will also be extended greatly.

Water softeners rid hard water of certain minerals, like calcium and magnesium, by passing hard water through a tank filled with resin beads that are coated with negative ions. It works in the same way that industrial air cleaner’s purify air. Eventually, through multiple uses, the negative ion charge is depleted, when this happens the system recharges itself through the use of a brine tank. Heavy salt levels lend their negative charge to the resin beads and wash off the excess minerals in a process called recharging, which takes place automatically. However, the salt in the brine tank has to be manually replaced every now and then, to keep the system functioning properly.

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