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Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped


RepipeAn older, rusty pipe in your home can appear to be much like a thief in the night. They wait and wait for the most inopportune time to burst and create enough havoc the likes of which you probably haven't seen in decades. Our plumbing company can certainly commiserate with that conundrum however, at the same time, while dealing with severe plumbing problems like repiping projects. 

Most homeowners are so busy they don't give many thoughts or respect to their plumbing. It's a modern convenience that is taken for granted. You turn on the shower and expect the water to be there; flush the toilet and expect the waste to head out to the sewer or septic tank. Yet when pipes in your home start to break down they need to be replaced. That said here are some early signs that your home may need to be repiped as soon as possible. Like the plumber said, you can pay a little bit now or a lot more later. An early solution is better.

Water pressure is one sign you have a failing pipe. Another tip-off is the color of the water. If it's a rusty color - bingo! Rust is the major culprit that a home needs to be repiped. Of course there are other obvious signs that can suggest you have other leaky pipes. You know an ongoing bathroom wet spot you've been ignoring simply because you can figure out where it comes from. Well from our experience most pipes are out of sight. And like cockroaches, if you have one leaky pipe you can be sure there are more.

Plumbing repairs in your home can usually inconvenience the homeowner for just one day unless there are other serious concerns about pipes and sewer hookups. Also remember that replacing the pipes in any home can be a labor-intensive job that needs to be done right the first time. This is when our experience does count.

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