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5 Questions You Should Ask a Plumber Before Hiring One


Orlando PlumberPlumbing emergencies usually require immediate attention, but trying to fix them yourself can lead to costly mistakes down the road. The best defense is to hire the services of a professional plumber before things get worse. To find a reputable and reliable plumber, be sure to ask the following important questions:

Do you have a Plumbing License? Being licensed not only means that the plumber is registered with the relevant plumbing authorities at the state or local level, but also assures you that he is very familiar with the current building codes and up-to-date on building code changes. So, ask the plumber to provide you with a copy of his license so that you can check if it is valid. If he is hesitant or refuses to give you the license, don't hire him.

Are You Insured? Insurance is not really a major requirement as far as plumbing laws and codes are concerned, but you need to ask for it for safety reasons. By hiring an insured plumber, you will have a peace of mind knowing that in case anything goes wrong such as an accident or damage of property, you will be covered.

What is Your Level of Experience? The longer the plumber has been in business, the better. This indicates a high level of expertise, reliability and success. An experienced plumber not only has the right tools for the job, but also knows how to handle different types of plumbing issues fast and effectively. Avoid inexperienced plumbers because they may carry out poor repairs or even worse, cause further damage.

Do You Have a Physical Address? Having a physical address is a clear indication that the plumber is more stable and trustworthy. You may want to check on the physical address given to you to make sure that you are not hiring a fly-by plumber.

Do You Offer a Flat or Hourly Rate? Some plumbers offer fixed quotes, no matter how long they take to complete the job. Others charge an hourly rate and give open-end quotes, meaning that the job might cost more than you expect if the plumber works for long hours. Feel free to ask the full cost of repair or replacement and if there are any hidden charges before you sign the contract.

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