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Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

No one wants to deal with the damages and expenses related to water leaks. Despite this, pipes inevitably break thanks to age, weather changes and a number of other factors.

Orlando, FL Water-Leak-Detection-ServicesHidden leaks, however, cause the most damage, especially if Orlando homeowners don’t know the warning signs. Fortunately, there’s three ways to detect a water leak in one's home.

No Water Pressure

The last thing a homeowner wants to discover is a broken pipe spraying water halfway across the yard. Worse yet is a small water leak that goes undetected and causes extensive damage.

The problem is discovering a hidden leak before the damage is done. That said, a sudden drop in water pressure is a sure sign there’s a leak somewhere on the property.

This is especially true if the pressure is normal in the kitchen, but turning the bathroom faucets on full force results in little more than a trickle.

Soft Floors in Your Home

Over time, extreme weather changes and age can cause small cracks in hidden pipes. Unfortunately, the resulting leak is so small that most Orlando homeowners have no idea there’s a problem right beneath their feet. However, a cracked or sagging floor is a telltale sign there’s a leaking pipe somewhere.

This isn’t the time to put off calling a plumber either, even if one turns off the water main. While turning off the water will prevent further water damage, saturated floors are an open invitation for mold and mildew.

Standing Water in Your Home

In most cases, homeowners couldn’t say exactly where the water pipes run in their yard. That is until a compromised pipe springs a leak, although the problem won’t necessarily become readily apparent.

One sure sign is a patch of grass that grows faster and thicker than anywhere else in the yard. Another hint there’s a problem is standing water when it hasn’t rained in a couple of weeks.

However, rather than trying to dig up the pipe and creating a bigger mess, homeowners should contact a plumber to fix the problem. While they’re at it, one might want to have the plumber inspect the rest of the pipes to catch problematic areas before disaster strikes.

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