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Annual Maintenance on Fixtures

One: Annual Plumbing Fixture Maintenance Saves Money

Our professional plumbers recommend an inspection of fixtures such as faucets, valves and water pipes at least once a year.

Anytime of the year is a good time for this yearly inspection, but many of our customers think that autumn is the best time before the temperatures begin to drop, leading to frozen water pipes, valves and faucets.

Orlando, FL Faucets-and-Fixtures-MaintenanceMany of our customers have noticed tiny drips of moisture coming out of a turned off faucet but neglect having the item repaired until water is gushing from the device.

Just one or two slightly dripping faucets located on sinks or bathtubs can add up to several gallons of water each week.

This dripping water is costing our customers money each month, but one of our plumbers can often make a fast repair to a faucet’s rubber washer to avoid wasting money.

Two: Frequent Maintenance on Plumbing Devices Prevents Property Damage

Hidden water leaks can cause a lot of property damage without a Orlando homeowner realizing it until there are extensive problems inside walls, floors or ceilings.

A water pipe with a small crack may drip water on drywall, electrical wires and insulation for several months before our customers notice ugly stains or mold growth.

If mold is growing inside a building’s hidden spaces, then it is a health hazard and requires a specialized remediation cleaning processes. Technicians might need to tear away enormous amounts of materials to get rid of the dangerous mold before replacing insulation and electrical wires.

When one of our plumbers completes an annual inspection, it is possible to find small plumbing problems in the earliest stages before making an efficient repair.

Three: A Yearly Inspection of Plumbing Fixtures Helps to Avoid Emergency Repairs

A yearly inspection of the plumbing fixtures inside a building can help to prevent emergency repairs that are required on holidays or weekends.

Our plumbers are called frequently to businesses and Orlando homes during the first snowstorm of the winter because property owners forgot to schedule an annual inspection earlier in the year.

While we are happy to help customers during plumbing emergencies, it is often difficult to access fixtures such as water pipes in crawl spaces in deep snow or thick ice.

If a snow or ice emergency occurs with closed roads, then our plumbers are unable to provide services, leading to customers experiencing an inconvenience.

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