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Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink

Dealing With Kitchen Sink Clogs

A clog in the kitchen sink can be one of the worst clogs, especially when food and oil are involved. Many who use oil for frying will collect the oil, and after the oil cools off, then they’ll pour the oil down and sink.

Orlando, FL draincleaning_720Some do not even consider running the water when the oil is running down the sink, and eventually the oil can harden, which means that you’ll have oil clogging up the drains and collecting every type of debris that goes down the sink.

If food goes down the in your Orlando home sink, then it will eventually bond with the oil, and you may end up having a significant clog in the drains. The clog may go further down the drain, which makes it even harder to unclog the sink, and you’ll need a plumber to get the drain flowing again.

Those that have a garbage disposal unit's in their Orlando homes, will have to have it disassembled in order to properly get to the clog to fix the issue.

Getting The Clog To Go Away

Take the advice from a plumber on how to get rid of a clog, but be aware that even trying to fix a sink clog on your own may not be something that will work, so be open to having a plumber come out to do the work for you. A plumber uses several methods when it’s necessary to unclog a sink, and one method is disassembly.

A sink can be partially disassembled to look for a clog as well as a garbage disposal unit from a kitchen sink. After disassembling certain parts of the sink, then the plumber can look for a clog to get rid of it.

Another method is checking out the P-trap, which is a pipe that has a U-shape, and this can typically hold things that will eventually clog the drain. Snaking the drain is also a good idea, but it may be necessary to use chemicals to get the drains flowing freely again.

Hire A Good Plumber

If you don’t want to speculate on what methods a plumber would use, then your best bet is to simply get on the phone to call a plumber out to fix the clog.

What may take you hours to remedy may take a plumber a matter of minutes, and you'll save time, and you’ll save the frustration and headache of trying to unclog a drain.

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