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Easy Hacks for Fixing a Toilet that Won't Flush

As one of the most vital pieces of equipment in any home, the toilet is not something you want to stop working. If your toilet stops flushing, it is important to address the issue right away before it becomes a bigger problem.

The good news is fixing it may not be as hard as you think. Bathroom plumbing doesn’t have to be complex; just follow these easy steps to get your toilet flushing again and become your own plumbing professional.

Pour Water from a Bowl Inside the Toilet all at Once to Flush

“water inside toilet”If you find yourself unable to flush after using the toilet, don’t panic. There is a fast way to make sure all of your business gets washed away.

Find a large bowl and fill it with water. Be sure to lift the toilet seat and the lid. Dump all the water from the bowl into the toilet and flush. This will force the remaining contents down the pipe and out of sight.

Try to flush again after that, and if the flush is back to normal, you may have just had a small clog that went away. If it still doesn't flush properly, you may need to call a professional to look at your bathroom plumbing.

Fix the Flapper at the Bottom of the Tank

“tank flapper”There is a rubber flapper located at the bottom of the tank that controls the water flow into the toilet bowl. If the flapper is damaged, broken, or warped in any way, this can hinder water flow to the bowl.

Check the flapper for any signs of malfunction, and if it appears to be the culprit, then it may need to be replaced. Not all bathroom plumbing parts are expensive.

Any hardware store will sell a flapper for around $10.00. Additionally, check the lift chain attached to the flapper. Sometimes this chain slips out of place or breaks, and on occasion can be too long and will affect how full the toilet bowl gets.

Call a Professional Plumber to Inspect for Clogs

“call a professional”Orlando, FL, is full of licensed plumbing professionals that will be able to fix your toilet if all else fails.

When it comes to your bathroom plumbing, it’s important to take problems seriously and fix issues quickly. Plumbers are professional, fast, and efficient.

Sometimes it is worth the cash to get the job done right. Now you can be the plumbing expert. The next time your bathroom plumbing goes on the fritz, you will have a few tricks up your sleeve to turn a potential disaster into a happily ever after.

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