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Finding The Best Sink For Your Home

If you were to take a trip to the plumbing or hardware store to purchase a new sink, you might be surprised and the number of options available.

Most people think that ‘a sink is a sink,’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Aside from the fact that there is bathroom plumbing and kitchen plumbing, there are numerous choices in both of those categories.

It’s almost overwhelming to think about, but fear not because we are going to tell you how to find the best sink for your home! Keep reading for more information!

Doing The Research

sinkresearchYou probably already know whether you need a kitchen or bathroom sink. Next, you need to consider is the countertop dimensions needed to make way for a new sink.

This also includes how you want the finished product to look. The first two parts of this research can be easily figured out but determining how you’d like your kitchen or bathroom to look can be difficult.

You will need to research the many styles of sinks, how they’re installed, and even the materials they’re made of to ensure that your choice is a suitable fit. Believe it or not, this part can actually be fun and allow you to upgrade the look of the room with minimal effort.

Realizing Costs

sinkcostYou will quickly see that various sinks carry various price tags and sometimes the biggest difference between two sinks is the manufacturer. Other features and the materials used will also affect the cost.

You should always consider the amenities’ value to you as a consumer before deciding to pay for it, because some models may have amazing benefits but those benefits aren’t useful to you.

Another issue to keep in mind is the fact that many sinks do not come with the faucet fixtures and if you want to upgrade those as well, save room in your budget.

Making Your Purchase

callusOnce you’ve made a decision as to what type of sink you’d like to install in your home, call multiple hardware stores to find out about pricing and installation.

It doesn’t hurt to shop around online, but many companies can be misleading when it comes to pricing, especially when the item purchased requires installation.

The best advice is to ensure you contact at least 3 stores about your purchase, ask about installation and warranties, then find out if there are any incentives.

If you are unsure of which sink is best for your home and would like unbiased recommendations, give us a call. Also, if you happen to find a sink but can’t seem to get it installed, we are happy to give you a quote for the job.

Call Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning at (407) 292-8881 for all of your sink installation needs. If you enjoyed this article, take a minute to share it with your friends and family!

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