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Fall is Drain Cleaning Season

There’s no getting around it: Fall is the best time of year to schedule your annual drain cleaning services. Each day, you rely on your drains to carry water from your sink, shower, or tub. Whether you’re bathing, rinsing something off, or doing the dishes, the pipes play a big part in how your home functions. But do you know that to maintain the best efficiency and keep your drains clear, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis? Here’s why:

How Drains Get Blocked

Even the most careful homeowner can’t help some of the materials and substances that get into a drain pipe. Some of the most common elements that create blockages within a drain pipe include:

  • Hair from showering or bathing
  • Small food pieces from cooking or doing dishes
  • Grease or oil from cooking
  • Sediment and minerals such as magnesium and calcium from hard water

When these substances get caught in the drain pipe, they begin to harden and create a nasty clog that's hard to remove. The built-up materials block the drain pipe and prevent it from flowing correctly.

Be Careful of Cleaning with too Much Pressure

Many homeowners will notice a clogged drain and opt for a chemical drain cleaner to remove the clog. This may be effective at first, but the side effects of these drain cleaners include corrosion within the drain pipe and eventual burst pipes. The best way to remove blockages in your drain pipe is with a plunger or high-pressure water jets. Some homeowners will attempt to unclog their drains with a pressure washer, but you must be careful to ensure that the water pressure is not too high.

Clogs are usually best removed with a safe, low-pressure system that gently loosens the clog and washes it away. Water pressure that is too high will damage the pipe and potentially loosen the soil around the pipe, causing structural issues.

When to Call a Plumberwhen to call a plumber

If you notice standing water in your sink, tub, or shower. Or if the water is draining slowly, you most likely have a clogged drain. Stay away from the chemical drain cleaners and try to unclog the issue with your plunger. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to invest in professional cleaning.

It’s also a good idea to schedule an annual drain cleaning appointment with a professional in the fall since it will help prepare your home for the winter season and make sure your drains are clean for the holidays.

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