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Enjoy Lower Water Bills & Better Water Conservation With These Tips

Indoor plumbing is one of the great unsung foundations of modern civilization. While the idea of water coming out of a faucet may not seem as dramatic as a sports car or as entertaining as music and videos from the Internet, our way of life simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

But just because you can get as much water as you want, that doesn’t mean you should, especially when you’re paying for it! But we’ve got four easy tips you can follow that will help you to keep your water consumption under control.

Showers Not Baths

ShowerThere’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a luxurious bath, but of course, that water isn’t free. The average bath, depending on how much you fill the tub, can use up anywhere from 20-50 depending on the tub size. A shower, on the other hand, uses up to about 2.5 gallons per minute, depending on the type of shower head you use.

If you’re in a home with bathing fixtures that predate 1992, you’re probably still using what is called an “unrestricted” shower head. This means that there are no modern water-saving features built in. Making the switch and taking more showers this way definitely saves on water.

Check for Leaks

Water LeakThere’s nothing worse than paying for water that you’re not using. That’s exactly what happens when your home has leaks, but how do you tell the difference between heavy water usage and leaks costing you money?

First, consult your water meter. Some modern meters will actually have a leak indicator. In other instances, you can simply make sure no water is being used in the home and wait anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Check the meter again, and if the meter is still rising, you definitely have a leak.

From there, it’s a matter of trying to locate which water pipes or faucets are responsible for the leak. You may be able to track this down yourself, or you may need the help of a professional if there are plumbing areas that you can’t easily access.

Use Grey Water for Plants

Water Plants“Grey water” is a term to describe water that’s already been used. This may refer to laundry water, dishwashing water, or even water that’s not necessarily potable, such as water gathered in a rain barrel.

Try saving and using this water for your plants. As long as the water isn’t filled with strong chemicals, gardens, and lawns benefit from this, even with impurities that would make it unsafe for human use. This can really make your water go a long way.

Use a Car Wash

Car WashOne of the biggest misconceptions about savings is that when you wash your car at home with your hose, you are only spending physical effort. In actuality, depending on how much water you use to wash your car at home, you may end up paying more in water bills than you would have by paying to use a car wash!

Washing your car at home is much like taking a bath, costing you gallons of water that will end up on your monthly bill. If you want to save that money, try getting professionals to do the job instead and save both time and money.

By following our tips, you can lower your monthly water bills while still enjoying all the conveniences of living here in sunny, dynamic Orlando, FL.

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