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Need a new water heater?


Orlando Water HeaterWater heaters perform an important job in homes and offices everywhere. They come in two distinctly different types that function in two distinctly different ways. These types include the tankless water heater and the tank water heater.

Let's begin with the most popular type of water heater, the tank water heater. A tank water heater is almost self descriptive. It is a water heater system that operates through a water storage tank. This tank stores water that is kept hot at all times. It acts as a hot water reserve that is used the minute hot water is accessed through any of the many sources in any home or office. As it is used, the water in the tank is replenished and heated so the supply remains full.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of water heating system. While it is handy to have this reserve supply of hot water available at all times, it is also costly to keep it hot. In order to keep the water in the tank hot, the heating system must continuously power up using electricity even when it isn't necessary. It would be like leaving the light on in your home while on vacation just in case it was needed while you were away.

The alternative to the tank water heater is the tankless water heater. A tankless water heater, also fairly self explanatory, is just that; a water heating system that functions independent of a reserve tank. A tankless system is an on demand water heating system meaning that it only heats the water when it is needed and at that very moment.

When hot water is required, the water flows through the pipes and passes through the tankless heating system before reaching it's final destination. This tankless water heating system flash heats the water instantly producing the same temperature of water as a tank water heating system while only using power when it is needed. The result being the same hot water as a tank water heater with a smaller utility bill at the end of the month.

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