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Celebrating Mom’s Life Lessons this May

As you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, make sure that you say thank you to your mom for all that she did. It can be hard to find words of gratitude for her years of unconditional love, sacrifice and patience. If you haven’t spent time with your mom recently, take the opportunity to schedule some time together now.

As you reflect on all that your mother has done for you, it’s hard not to laugh remembering some of her favorite sayings and seemingly quirky advice. At the time, who knew how much wisdom was in those sayings? It even applies to your plumbing system!

Wiping Glassware is More Than Looks

wipeglassNothing was more mind-blowing as a kid than being told to wipe and clean already clean glasses. If you find yourself having to apply this adage as an adult, it probably means that you have residue that could be an indication that you have hard water.

Mom was right, sometimes the glasses did need to be wiped even after they were cleaned. That said, you might be able to eliminate this problem in your home by checking the quality of your water.

Hard water is a common problem for many homes in Orlando, and one that can lead to said stains. With a water softener installation, it won’t be a problem for long, and maybe you won’t have to wipe glassware any more - maybe!

Cutting Down On Your Bathroom Time

longshowerWe’ve all heard this question from mom, especially if you shared a bathroom with lots of other family members. Your mom was probably quick to let you know what using too much hot water can do to your water bill.

As an adult, you learn this lesson all too quickly, but did you know that long showers can also cause your pipes to corrode sooner?

Taking a long shower doesn’t get you any cleaner, so take mom’s advice and keep your showers short. Doing this will reduce your water bill and protect your pipes.

And if you do need that extra time in the shower, at least turn the water off while applying soap - it’s the little things that matter.

Did your Mom Teach you about Collecting Water?

collectwaterWhether your family did it or not, most of us knew someone that grew up collecting water because their mom taught them to do this.

Collecting rainwater to water your plants and yard is a great way to save water and reduce your water bill. Plus, collecting excess rainwater also takes some pressure off of your drains, especially when there are heavy rainfalls.

So, whether or not you did it as a kid, it’s a good idea to start this habit as an adult. This Mother’s Day week (if you're late), if you can, call your mom and thank her for all that she did, including share some wise sayings and tips.

You might not have always enjoyed some of these sayings as a kid, but now that they reduce your water bill and protect your plumbing, it’s hard to not appreciate them and even start saying them yourself.

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