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Celebrate the World’s Longest Day with Budget-Friendly Outdoor Fun

June 21st marks the world’s longest day; luckily, this occurs in summer when outdoor activities can be enjoyed to their fullest. This year, take full advantage of the entire 17 hours of summer daylight available to enjoy!

Outdoor activities with water can really be some of the best and most budget-friendly ways to have fun and beat the heat. This year, if you’re looking for some great ideas for water-fun that your wallet won’t notice, look no further than the outdoor plumbing ideas below:

Have Fun with a Sprinkler and Slide

sprinklerandslideUtilizing your front or back yard sprinkler for some outdoor fun is one of the best and cheapest ways to stay cool without spending any extra money to do so.

While your grass is getting an extra spritz to stay green, you and your family can have fun running through the water. If you want to mix up the fun, consider adding a slide that everyone can enjoy.

You can purchase a slip n’ slide relatively cheaply at your local store, and they don’t require much water to use. Your family will truly have a blast this June 21st with the sprinkler and slide!

Hose Fights are a Great Way to Cool Off

hosefightsThe longest day of the year can be a hot one - try cooling off with fun water hose fights! The whole family is guaranteed to have fun running around and spraying each other with water, but be careful to watch how much water is used or your utility bill may end up costing you.

You don’t need to skip this activity, but do make sure to watch your water meter and time your usage. If you’re still concerned with costs, try picking up some inexpensive water guns at the store.

Water Balloons Equal Lots of Fun

waterballoonsfightIf you’re looking for a cheap and fun water activity that the whole family can participate in, look no further than water balloons, at Shamrock Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc we love this activity! The whole family will enjoy participating in this fun water game, and it couldn’t be less expensive or easier.

Snag a pack of water balloons from the store and quickly fill them up at your outdoor faucet; you’ll be on your way to fun before you know it! When it comes to family summer fun, June 21st gives you more time to do the things you love with the ones you love in a budget-friendly manner. As a plus, you can also make an effort to conserve water while enjoying fun in the sun.

Keeping water conservation in mind this summer is important because we don’t have a never-ending supply of water on this Earth; unfortunately, only 3% of our water is freshwater, and even less than that is available for human use!

Do your part while splashing in the cool water to help protect the environment and our limited resources; the Earth will thank you! So, have fun and take advantage of an important family bonding opportunity on this longest day of the year, while also staying budget-conscious and environmentally friendly.

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