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Need to repipe your home?


Benefits of Repiping Your Orlando Home With Pex PipeCross-linked polyethylene or PEX piping is an excellent replacement pipe for Orlando homes. Indeed, some plumbers considered a revolutionary development when it comes to plumbing technology. It’s made through a somewhat complex process that makes them very tough and able to work through very hot or very cold temperatures. This makes PEX pipes less likely to burst. It also resists deformation and corrosive chemicals. This is why, when it comes to repiping PEX is good for both hot and cold water lines. But on top of this, PEX is easy to install. It doesn’t need to be soldered nor does it need specialized tools. Because it’s flexible enough to be bent around corners, it doesn’t need as many joints or fittings as other types of pipes. However, PEX pipes shouldn't be used outdoors because they can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays.

Another advantage of PEX piping is that it can also be used with polyvinyl chloride and metal piping. PEX line also have shut off valves at each segment, so it’s easier to fix if only one segment needs repair. PEX lines can also be pressure balanced. However, PEX piping is usually not recycled and is impermeable. This impermeability risks water being contaminated, even as the lining of PEX pipes eliminates the pipe banging and clanging that are common with metal pipes. It’s also much less expensive than a metal like copper. Its ease of installation also makes PEX less expensive to install than other types of pipes.

Whatever type of material an Orlando homeowners uses to repipe their home, they should be careful in choosing the plumber. A badly repiped home can lead to catastrophe and the homeowner will need to make sure that any plumbing contractor that’s hired to repipe the home has all the necessary licenses and insurances. Other contractors, neighbors, real estate agents and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce are excellent places to find recommendations for a good plumber.

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