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Spring Plumbing Tips: Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Plumbing This Spring


Orlando PlumberIntroduction

Spring cleaning can improve the appearance of a home as well as components within its plumbing system. Winter months are rough on pipes and septic systems. In cold weather areas, pipes, drains and septic systems may easily become cracked or clogged.

If water takes longer than usual to drain from your tub, sink or shower, you can contact a professional plumber for assistance.

Check for Moisture in Your Home

A variety of conditions could lead to moisture in your home. While cleaning your home, you might notice mold, mildew or harsh odors as a result of excessive moisture that is under your carpet or cabinets. If moisture is detected, you should contact a licensed plumber to schedule an inspection.

Check for Leaks

While cleaning your home, you should check your pipes for leaks. Be sure to check pipes that are below your kitchen cabinets as well as your vanities. Some folks might use tape or a temporary patch to stop a pipe from leaking. However, larger problems might occur. A professional plumber will use the most appropriate methods to perform all repairs.

Check Your Appliances

Spring cleaning might enable you to discover a variety of hidden problems. For instance, if you are cleaning behind your refrigeration, you might notice that the water line to your ice-maker is leaking.

Similarly, you might notice a water leak while cleaning around your dishwasher. A local plumber has the expertise to properly repair water lines to your appliances.

Inspect Your Faucets

With some basic supplies such as an old toothbrush, a mild cleaning solution and some water, you can clean your kitchen and bathroom faucets as well as the handles.

However, if you notice that your faucet leaks or sprays water in the wrong directions, you can contact a plumber to perform the recommended repairs. In some cases, your faucet might need new washers or a full replacement.

Orlando Spring PlumbingInspect Your Drains

Hair, paper, creams and other types of debris can impact the performance of your home’s plumbing system. Loose items such as combs, hair accessories or toys could create a blockage within a drainpipe.

The condition could become worse as other items become stuck as well. Before long, you might experience a severe water backup or a flood. If you notice any unordinary malfunctions of your drains, call a plumber right away.

A licensed professional can use a plumbing snake to clear out any buildup that may have occurred during the cold weather months.

While some homeowners will attempt to clear a drain themselves, a licensed plumber has the training and the proper equipment to reduce the chance of damaging your home’s septic system or your plumbing system.

Spring is upon us, which means time to start your cleaning list for your Orlando home. Give Shamrock Plumbing and Drain Cleaning a Call at (407) 292-8881, and get assistance on your Spring list!

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