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Orlando Plumber Shamrock Plumbing Water Leak Detection and RepairYou may not see it; you may not hear it; it is highly undetectable. Most people don’t even give the bill a second glance and simply pay it. They never inquire why or how. It can go on for years, and if it is not stopped, it can cost you dearly in home repairs. It is a water leak.

Most people do not realize the intricacies of a full plumbing system. Typically, the majority of plumbing is installed before the home is framed so the homeowner never sees all of the hard work that is performed by the plumber. Because of this, some leaks are virtually undetectable except to a certified plumbing specialist.

Some leaks may be painfully obvious such as a leaking U joint. These are relatively simple to diagnose and repair. After all, if there is a puddle of water on the floor in front of the sink, it is clear what the problem is and how to repair it. The average homeowner may think they can repair this, but more often than not it becomes an even bigger repair job for the plumber.

The bad leaks are the ones you cannot see. If you have a private well or even municipal water, there is a system of pipes underground that connects you to the water source. It is here, out in these pipes, that water leaks often go undetected.

There are 2 things you can do if you suspect a leak:

(1) First, check your water bills. If you have saved them, check to see when the water bill began to rise. This will give you some indication of a leak as well as when it possibly began.

(2)  Once you have deduced when the leak started, begin checking for the location. Look for standing water or water rising from the ground. This is your leak, and you need to contact a professional to repair it. Municipal water systems should have a repair crew to come out and fix it for you, but a private well owner will need a professional plumber.  If you need assistance locating a possible leak, it's always best to contact your local leak detection specialist.

A professional plumber will have the tools and know-how to repair a leak. Frequently, the pipes are underground below a freeze line so there may have to be some large holes dug. A shovel will work, eventually, but it is likely a backhoe will be needed to find and repair the leak. The average homeowner may have a shovel but not a backhoe.

If you suspect a leak, it is important to have it professionally diagnosed as inaction may lead to more serious, and possibly even structural damage to your property.  Don't wait another minute, contact Shamrock Plumbing, your Orlando, FL leak detection and repair specialists today at 407-292-8881.


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