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3 Main Water Heater Regulations

Water Heater Regulations And Why They Are Needed

Orlando, FL Water-Heater-ServicesThe federal government regulates water heaters for several different reasons, mainly, it’s because of safety.

There are several safety concerns for those who handle as well as install water heaters, and it’s necessary for those creating water heaters to create them based on federal regulations and standards.

Without these regulations, it’s likely that more people would get hurt or even be killed by water heaters because of poor manufacturing, poor installation, or other factors that are controlled by federal regulations.

3 Specific Water Heater Regulations

Earthquake Straps

Although not all water heaters are required to have these, in certain locations in the Orlando home, they may be necessary, and they are great for preventing the water heater from toppling over during an earthquake. This usually includes two straps that go across certain parts of the water heater to keep it secure.

Efficient Energy Use

How a water heater uses energy has come to the forefront in the year 2015 because regulations changed in April, which mandates that manufacturers of water heaters must create them as energy efficient as possible, based on the new standards.

This is great news for those who want to save more money on their water heating costs, although it will ultimately mean higher costs for those who are buying water heaters and having to maintain them over the years.

Pressure And Temperature Relief Valve

The name speaks for itself, and this valve is necessary because it only goes off if the temperatures exceed 210°F. There are different regulations for how these valves can be installed in the Orlando home, but they are still a very necessary part of a water heater.

If the valve goes off, then this can only mean there’s a problem with the water heater, which is something you may not know without the valve alerting you to the problem.

This valve does push out water at extremely high temperatures, so it can be dangerous to those around it, especially children, so keep them away if the valve is inside the home and not outside of the home.

Keep Your Water Heater Working

Since water heaters can be costly, it’s always a good idea to keep it running by allowing a plumber to give it maintenance when it needs it. Also, install a new water heater with the latest regulations if you can afford to do so.

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