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Need to repipe your home?


Orlando RepipePEX is the abbreviation for cross-linked polyethylene. This is a type of tubing that is considered a better alternative to using copper, PVC, or CPVC in various plumbing applications. This material is carefully synthesized such that its properties give it significant advantages over previous technologies. PEX piping is engineered such that it can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. This renders PEX more resistant to freeze damage than copper and CPVC which tend to split and break.

PEX retains more heat when transporting hot-water and resists condensation in cold-water. PEX is also resistant to corrosion as it does not react with acidic water as copper does. Along with these physical and chemical benefits come the advantage of cost. PEX piping is about one-thirds cheaper than copper piping. Although PEX tubing may be similar in cost to CPVC tubing, installing CPVC includes the cost of glue which is necessary, unlike PEX. Another factor that cannot be ignored in the cost of plumbing is labor for the installation.

PEX is easier and faster to install than copper and CPVC. Installation does not require any special tools. Small jobs can be easily done by an amateur handyman. Even in multi-branching system installations, soldering is unnecessary as is typical in copper installations, which saves time. Adapters can be used to easily make conversions from copper or CPVC to PEX tubing and the flexibility of PEX allows it to be installed without the need for using many joints and fittings. Not only is PEX installation easier, but so is the repair. The tubing is made such that it is segmented and there are shut-off valves in each segment.

Therefore, repair is localized instead of having to remove a entire part of the piping network. PEX has made a very positive impact in the world of plumbing technology and is definitely the best choice in most plumbing applications where copper and CPVC would be used. Need to repipe your Orlando home? Need a reliable plumber you can count on? Contact Shamrock Plumbing and Drain Cleaning at 407-292-8881 and set up an appointment today!

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