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5 Ways to Get Ready for Halloween Horror Nights this October

Halloween Horror Nights have been a tradition at Universal Studios in Orlando since 1991. For its 25th year, we’re expecting some big scares and fun. People come from all over the world to experience this event, so it’s best to be prepared this year! Here are five ways to get ready for Halloween Horror Nights this October:

Halloween horror nights
  1. Buy Tickets in Advance

This may seem a like no-brainer, but many forget that Halloween Horror Nights is a separate attraction from Universal Studios, meaning there is a separate admission to get in. Purchasing your tickets beforehand alleviates some of this stress. If you buy your tickets online, make sure you buy them for the right location. We’ve heard of lots of people accidentally purchasing tickets for California when they mean to get them to Orlando instead.

  1. Arrange Childcare if you have Kids Under 13

Halloween Horror Nights are not meant for children under 13 years of age. It’s simply too scary. If you have young kids, make sure you arrange for a babysitter on the night you plan to go. Another reason to leave the kids at home is that since this is more of an adult outing, there will be plenty of individuals on-site under the influence of alcohol, which is probably not the best surroundings for young children.

  1. Eat Before You Go

Trust us on this one; eating at the park only puts a serious dent in your fright time. Eat before you go so you won’t waste any time, and you can get the maximum amount of time in the scare zones and haunted houses. Eating before you go will allow you to skip food lineups and make sure you get the most for your admission.

  1. Bring as Little as Possible

Just like any large event, the security guards at Halloween Horror Nights are required to search purses and backpacks. By leaving everything except the necessities, you’ll expedite the process and get through security faster. You’ll also have less to worry about while inside since your valuables will be left at home.

  1. Prepare to Get Scared!

Halloween Horror Nights are known all over the world as one of the scariest events. What started as a test project in 1991 has turned into a large-scale event with 26 movie-set quality scare zones and haunted houses. Professional actors work hard to make you forget you’re at an amusement park to scare the life out of you any chance they get.

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