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We are a generation of eco-conscious individuals constantly looking for new ways to conserve and preserve our natural resources. We are more aware than ever that what we have has to last more than just our life time. One area of great concern is our water supply. We must look at our options in order to sustain our water supply to meet our needs now and in the future. Green plumbing is an excellent place to look for these options!

Green Plumbing Orlando PlumberA government-run program known as WaterSense has set new standards and recommendations. These are voluntary efficiency standards for now but are set to become law for places such as California by 2014. Today is the day to begin greening-up your home with new plumbing ideas

There are five key areas in your home where green plumbing will prove beneficial. One such area is the pipes. Be sure that they are secure and tight to prevent leaking. The second area is the faucets and fittings. They should be lead free to go green. They should contain no more than 0.25% lead. These have been proven to be just as efficient as the brass ones while making your water practically lead free.

Third, think of installing low flush toilets. These are 20% more efficient using less than one and one-half gallons of water per flush. Fourth, consider a high efficiency water heater that heats water on demand eliminating the hot water tank as a reservoir. Fifth, replace old showerheads with new and improved water-efficient shower heads that perform forcefully and superbly while reducing the flow of water.

It has never been easier to go green. Every drop of water we conserve is a drop of water for future generations. Take advantage of these green trends and make your home more green friendly as you keep more green in your wallet!

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