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Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Maintenance?


Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Maintenance?Garbage disposals have been around and in use since the 1930’s. Approximately half of U.S. households are equipped with this energy efficient and practical appliance. Food or food particles represent ten to twenty percent of household waste. For this and many other reasons, garbage disposals are popular and in wide use today. Disposals are easy to use and relatively easy to maintain, but here are a few signs that they might need specialized maintenance.

Disposals typically require regularly monthly maintenance, but can require professional care under limited circumstances. Clogged, leaking, jammed or otherwise inoperable units may require the services of a professional. Here are a few scenarios that are related to garbage disposal maintenance.

Jammed disposals can create inoperable conditions and are best left to the experienced. Silverware such as forks, knives or spoons can jam the disposal. Never introduce your hands into the opening of an energized garbage disposal.

Foul odors are common, but lingering and persistent odors can be indicative of more serious problems. Professional plumbing services may be needed to identify the root cause of those stubborn odors.

A leaking disposal can create collateral damage to other parts of your home. Water leaks and associated problems should be looked after as soon as possible. If the disposal drains slow, it could indicate blockages within your plumbing system.

Disposals are electrically powered and most are equipped with a reset button. If your unit fails to operate when connected to power, try a reset. If you are unable to use your unit after resetting, it might be best to contact a pro.

Garbage disposals can reduce household waste by up to twenty percent and help our environment in a variety of different ways. If your unit is causing you grief, it is best to know when you should consult an expert.

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